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macOS Monterey is available for install!

macOS installation on your PC or Laptop

Fast and quality Hackintosh installation.

Remote macOS installation via TeamViewer or request home/office visit.

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Benefits of a Hackintosh installation


Money savings

For the same cost as any Mac, you can build a PC that is many time more efficient.

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The possibility of any upgrade

Unlike Mac computers, in Hackintosh you can expand RAM, replace SSD or HDD, install a more powerful GPU, etc.

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Exclusive macOS apps

You can work in any macOS application. You can edit videos in Final Cut Pro, make music in Logic Pro, or coding with Xcode.

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Official and stable macOS

A properly configured Hackintosh allows you to use all features and benefits of macOS, without glitches and freezes.

For remote installation we are using TeamViewer or AnyDesk. Also you can request home/office visit*.

How do we work?

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1. Receive your request

After receiving the request, we contact you and discuss the details of the installation. We send you a link to the installation image. 

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3. macOS installation on your PC

The specialist will explain how to format the hard drive and run the installation. The installation will take about 30 minutes. The computer will reboot several times during the installation.

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2. Making a bootable USB drive

Via TeamViewer or AnyDesk we connect to your PC and write a bootable flash drive, setting-up bootloader files and installing kexts.

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4. Setting up & payment

System setup includes: installing the bootloader, kexts, patching ACPI tables. After a successful hardware check, the customer pays for the order.


Any questions?

Contact us!

Everyday from 8:00 AM till 12:00 AM

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+7 (965) 360 30-16 — Alexander

E-mail: help@osxonpc.com

Our clients

We are often approached by professionals in various fields, design studios, video editing, audio studios and many others.

We are proud to help you!

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What our clients have to say with us

For 8 years of work, we have helped more than 2900 clients around the world!

Therefore, we are recommended to friends and colleagues.

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Order a Hackintosh installation today!

We have been installing macOS on PCs and Laptops for over 8 years. During this period, we have configured more than 3000 systems, and made more than 2900 our customers happy.

Join us!

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macOS installation on PC — $79

Home/office visit — $15

Windows installation — $25

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Who is a Hackintosh good for?

Hackintosh — is a non-Mac PC that runs macOS

Installing a Hackintosh is ideal for those who want to take full advantage of macOS, but the original Mac is not satisfied with its technical capabilities or price. Many people install Hackintosh for a variety of reasons, but mostly they are driven by a desire to work with a stable macOS, and an unwillingness to overpay for an ordinary PC hardware in a nice wrapper, which is inevitable when buying a Mac. 

Fill in the macOS installation request




Please, make an AIDA64 report and leave a link to it.

 How to make a report?


We work

Everyday from 8:00 AM till 12:00 AM

+7 (965) 360 30-16 — Alexander


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